1000 lbs of Cherry

A hefty 1,000-pound piece of cherry burl harvested from our friend, Jimmy Wade, at his farm in Millersville.

300 Year Old White Oak

We collected wood from a 300-year old white oak tree that was cut down at All Hallows Episcopal Church in Harwood, MD, where Larry was confirmed and where his parents are buried.

Millersville Cherry

Farm owners commissioned Larry to turn three bowls from a cherry tree that was cut down on their farm in Millersville. One bowl went to the farm owners, and the other two bowls went to their daughters, one of whom lived in North Carolina, the other who lived in France.

Virginian Pecan

On a recent trip to a friend's property in Gloucester, VA where we have vacationed the last 25 years, branches from a pecan tree fell in the front yard. Larry always loved the tree and wanted to turn bowls from the pecan, so he bought a chainsaw from a local hardware store and started cutting the wood into manageable pieces. We rented a UHaul to get the wood home!

Italian Oak

Larry's grandson, Josh, standing next to an oak tree in Vicenza, Italy. Our son, Chris, mailed wood pieces back to Maryland so we could turn bowls out of wood that came all the way from Italy!

Black Walnut

A huge black walnut tree that we estimated to be hundreds of years old fell on property where our friends live in Galesville, MD. They saved the wood for Larry, and he turned bowls for our friends and the property owner.